in the fall of 2017...

Jack and Lise found themselves in a difficult situation, finding a place to perform their music. The problem wasn’t a lack on venues but a lack of somewhere their art could really shine, and a community for the voices to find a place. Together they decided to start 11th House Collective to give a unified voice to their artform-blending and genre-bending music and to find other likeminded artists.

The process was slow at first and mostly brainstorming. After a few months they decided to bring in Malene Begtrup and Mario Ochoa. Together with these new members they decided to ask some friends in the theatre world if they could create a music section of Transistor Festival 4. They were greeted with open arms and quickly set to work preparing the festival, nine acts in three days.

After much work the festival was a success! 11th House Collective had officially come out into the world. Riding this wave they continued on to produce Malene Begtrups work, Breaking Free, in both December 2017 and February 2018. During this time they added Emma Swensson and Joanna Jensen to the group. They went on to produce Lise Kroners work, Malmö Podcards, and to put on the music section to Transistor Festival 5. The most recent development was adding a resident photographer, Gianluca LaBruna. 

Currently the collective is working on a performance festival in Malmö sometime in late summer and an ongoing club beginning in the fall as well as a collaboration with American artist Sean Hussey.

If next year is anything like the last, you will be hearing much more from 11th House Collective.